Resources in MetaWars will surround Mech NFTs manufacturing. Players will need to acquire different kinds of resources from mining or collecting on the Planet NFTs. Planet holders will be able to gain passive income by lending out their planets for resource mining. High-tier Mech NFTs will require Rednite to be produced.

MetaWars is a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in the game through skilled-gameplay, PlanetFi mechanics, and contributions to the ecosystem.

Players will also need to obtain rare alien pieces from large scale raids to research and develop the high-tier Mech NFTs. These alien pieces can also be traded among players.

The economy of MetaWars is vast, and there are various ways to earn real income within the platform:


Planet NFTs are the core of your MetaWars economy. They are essential in generating resources which form the bulk of your economic output and infrastructure. They also set the stage for upgrading the power and value of your Mech NFT army.

Each planet will generate one type of resource such as food, water or iron. These resources will be used altogether in various areas, such as resupplying or upgrading Mech NFTs, maintaining Planet infrastructure .

Planet NFTs have multiple tiers of rarities. Each upgrade increases the resource production speed of the Planet, and unlocks various buffs and benefits to the player.

Players can construct additional resource production buildings or technological facilities on their Planet. Building and levelling them up requires GAM and certain resources.

Resource production speed can also be increased by upgrading production facilities or fusing planets through the Fusion System.

Planet owners will also be able to earn passive income by lending out their planets to other players for resource mining.

Mech NFTs

Mech NFTs serve as the playerโ€™s avatar and in-game character where they will be used to fight, participating in campaign missions or PvP combat.

Mech NFTs require constant supply of food, water, and iron to operate efficiently. Those who control the resources control the battlefield!

Players can level up their Mech NFTs by acquiring experience points in battles and consuming certain resources and GAM. The components of Mech NFTs can also be upgraded the same way.

Apart from purchasing Mech NFTs on our website, they can also be manufactured. The highest-tier of legendary Mech NFTs require a large amount of Rednite and resources to build.

As of now, players can utilise their Mech NFTs to participate in three game modes:

1. Missions

Send out your Mech NFTs out into space and complete daily missions to earn GAM tokens. GAM can be used to further level up and repair Mech NFTs, upgrade equipment, and maintain Planet buildings.

2. Raids

Team up with Guild members to join a party raid, exploring rogue Planets and fighting giant and epic void monsters for loot.

Players can only acquire high-tier equipment in raids. They have the option to utilise these equipment or sell them to other players or back to MetaWar's Recycling Program.

3. Planet Helios

Deploy your Mech NFTs into the dangerous battlefield on Planet Helios. Apart from the stories in the main campaign, there will be a weekly event held on Planet Helios where factions will compete against each other for Rednite.

Planet Helios

MetaWars will have a story-driven campaign, featuring Planet Helios as the main battleground between different Factions and Guilds.

Rednite, the most expensive and premium resource in MetaWars. It is used to manufacture and repair the highest-tier of legendary Mech NFTs.

Players can own a piece of Land NFT in Helios to passively mine Rednite; however, opposing factions can invade and overtake your Land.

Protecting the production source of Rednite is the key to a powerful economy. Players can deploy Mech NFTs to patrol their Land to fight off invaders in real-time. Additionally, players can also build defensive structures such as a sentry tower or walls to fortify their Land and deter enemies from attacking.

Guilds will be a core gameplay feature in this battle. Multiple guilds can coordinate their attacks on weak enemies or form coalitions to stop more powerful enemies. This feature allows players to simulate and experience real-world diplomacy.


The foundation of MetaWars' economy is built around the Marketplace, where players can buy, sell or trade resources & supply. There will be a small transaction fee for each trade, circulating back to the MetaWars ecosystem.

MetaWars also features a Recycling Program where resources can be swapped for GAM at a discounted price.

These trading mechanics create a dynamic flow of in-game resources and GAM between players and guild, creating a parallel of macroeconomics and microeconomics within the game.

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