Metawars In-game token
​$GAM will have several important functions in the MetaWars metaverse highly related to your characters and assets and will be needed to level up the efficiency of your army. The $GAM token is the main medium in MetaWars’ gaming ecosystem.

Token Utility

  • Upgrade purchases for the ships and robots are paid with $GAM tokens.
  • $GAM can be used for repair costs, fuel costs, upgrading characters and assets, special customization features, and more in-game utility yet to be revealed.
  • Limited booster packs will be available to use in-game and are priced in $GAM tokens.
  • Players will be able to accelerate their tournament with $GAM tokens in-game via trade and play.
  • Some exclusive events and games will require $GAM to enter, and it’s the center of the game economics model.
  • $GAM can be earned from staking and more portals will be available after the game is launched.
Stakes WARS for GAM GAM contract address 0x51CB2cfF2DC93291CC3a56d74Dec731d5a9D3162
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