Game Modes


  • Scramble for Rednite

To compete for the most valuable resources- Rednite, combat events are done weekly where guilds will be required to coordinate with other guilds to attack & compete for Rednite at the same time. You can only be rewarded with Rednite during this event. Mech NFTs may get destroyed and $GAM is needed for repair. Therefore it doesnโ€™t mean people with the strongest Robots will always win and get even more resources.

  • Ranked Tournaments

Ranked Tournaments are 1v1 or 5v5 battles where players will fight against each other in an arena. Players ranked highest will get amazing weekly rewards.


  • Story-Driven Campaigns

A game is not complete without a campaign. You will be able to use your Mech NFTs to go through the MetaWars history and be involved in one of the most epic battles happened. You can choose to be a front-line soldier or a back-line commander in this campaign.

  • Aliens defence for Planet NFTs

If you are holding a Planet NFT, you will be attacked from time to time by aliens. If you do not defend yourself, your APY of the planet will decrease and the resources generated will also decrease. You can also hire other players to defend your territory.

  • Fleet Raids

The raiding system is one of the most collaborative modes in MetaWars. You will venture deep into different planets to fight against high-level Aliens. These high-level aliens will drop unique resources which you can use them to research high-tier Mech NFTs

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